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  • WT9 Dynamic RG
  • WT9 Dynamic RG
  • WT9 Dynamic RG
  • WT9 Dynamic RG
  • WT9 Dynamic RG


Price : £70,000.00(Negotiable)
Date : October 10, 2018
Condition : Used
Warranty : No
Registration : I-C383
Engine Type : Engine Rotax 912 ULS
Age of aircraft/spare part (Years) : 14
Engine Hours : 377
Airframe Hours : 377
Involved in any incidents : No
Location : Edinburgh Airport (EDI), Edinburgh, UK

Description Aerospool “Dynamic” WT9 LSA 472.5 kg MTOW

Registration number I-C383

Year of manufacture 2004

Serial Number 052/2004


Propeller SR200 Woodcomp 3 bladed Electric CP overhauled 2015 (with auto/manual changeover switch and control).

Interior Blue seating, Blue carpeting,

Rudder pedals Adjustable

Canopy lock With two keys

Air conditioning With demisting

Cockpit vents Sliding vents on both sides

Overhead Internal sun shade protection – adjustable

Exterior Dynamic Colour Scheme/ 2x Blue coachlines.

Avionics Dynon Avionics EFIS-D10A with remote reading compass installed (Compass swing required for calibration)

Standby Compass SIRS manufacturing (UK) Current compass swing

Air speed Indicator Analog

Altimeter Analog

VSI Analog

Turn & Bank Analog

Slip Indicator Manual

Directional Gyro 12 volt Electric

“ASA” Flight timer Digital battery driven

Radio “Becker” AR 4201 Panel mounted multi channel PTT

button on sticks.

ATC Transponder “Becker” ATC 4401-1

Radio Intercom “Flightcom” model 403 panel mounted

ATC recorder “Flightcom” ATC message recorder 403d

Airbox temp. indicator Digital

Three Axis Autopilot “TRUTRACK Digiflight series ll” with altitude hold with hold button on the sticks

Garmin GPS Model 296 coupled to autopilot

UL-MIP “Schicle” electronic flight log

“ACK” ELT Model E-01 installed and active

Manifold pressure Analog Indicator

Electric Fuel pump 12 volt – Installed with line filters

Fuel Pressure 12 volt – analog

Fuel contents gauges 12 volt – analog

C. head Temperature Analog

Coolant Temp gauge Analog

Oil Temp gauge Analog


Three One ton hydraulic Jacks with mounting spacers when a retraction test is required during inspections.

Two wheeled purposely adapted road going trailer, designed specially to transport the plane in a knocked down condition.


The trailer is arranged to drop down the rear floor which is arranged inside the rear doors. The trailer is then jacked up at the towing hitch until the floor is at the same angle as the rear drop down door. Inside the trailer there is a fully wheeled and mobile stainless steel frame designed to carry and restrain the

aircraft when on board. The aircraft is arranged tail first ahead of the frame.

A special pin is fed through the nose wheel axle and clamped down with the retaining mechanism. The rear of the plane is attached to the frame with the attachments provided. An 12 volt electric winch is then attached to the tail end of the frame and the whole assembly can be winched on board using a hand speed controller and a 12 volt battery. Once the plane is on board and secured back to a level condition at the towing hitch end. The trailer can be used to pack the wings in the special racks provided. Running lights and SA road regulation reflective tapes are applied.


The towing hitch is by AL-KO of western Germany and is a model AKS 2000 with a 50 mm ball towing hitch attachment with hand brake and reversing lock.



Remarks Radio installation licence is current.

Approved flight manual. Yes – included

All A/D requirements are complete as are service requirements

Electric starting 12 volt lead acid battery (sealed)

Propeller SR200 Woodcomp 3 bladed Electric CP overhauled 2015 (with auto/manual changeover switch and control)

Under carriage Retractable with nose wheel steering. Hydraulic brakes.

Rudder pedals Adjustable

Three stage flaps Manually operated

Telescopic Towing Handle for steering on the ground.

Tyres Six ply pneumatic – larger diameter than standard.




Cruising speed: 250 km/h (155 mph; 135 kn)

Stall speed: 65 km/h (40 mph; 35 kn)

Never exceed speed: 280 km/h (174 mph; 151 kn)

Range: 1,200 km

Endurance: 8 hours

Rate of climb: 6.2 m/s (1,220 ft/min)


Fuel consumption

@250km/h (135kias ): 18l/h

@240km/h (130kias ): 17l/h

@230km/h (124kias ): 16l/h

@220km/h (119kias ): 15l/h

@210km/h (113kias ): 13.5l/h

@200km/h (108kias ): 12.5l/h

@190km/h (103kias ): 11.2l/h


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